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Category Archives for Optometry

Why & How Eye Care Professionals Should Embrace Telemedicine

Telemedicine can be a scary concept for a clinician. In a world where we see eye exams offered online, patients getting access to medical devices with expired prescriptions, and the

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Comparing the Best Binocular Indirects: All Pupil II vs Vantage Plus Binocular Indirects

If you're looking for the best binocular indirects, we're fairly certain All Pupil II and Vantage Plus binocular indirects have made your short list. Both of these world-class devices are manufactured

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Taking a Closer Look at the Most Common Optometry Exam Room Equipment

It’s not a secret optometry exam room equipment and the entire field has evolved over the years. What originated as a profession centered on dispensing eyeglasses and vision care has morphed into a more

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Spotting the Similarities & Differences in A-Scan vs. B-Scan Imaging

There are generally two types of ultrasonic diagnostic devices used by ophthalmic professionals: A-scan and B-scan instruments. As a leader in the ophthalmic instrument field, Keeler offers both types

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Clearly Seeing the Anatomy of the Eye

Out of the five senses — touch, smell, taste, hearing, and sight — the majority of people consistently report their eyesight is the most important mode of perception. Even so, most have very little

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Give Your Patients the Best with the AOS Anterior Software

The new AOS Anterior software is a standalone solution designed to facilitate the automated analysis of the back your patient’s eye. Engineered based on industry accepted scales of grading, AOS Anterior

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Comparing Contact vs Noncontact Tonometry & the Best Tonometers

Are you considering contact vs non-contact tonometry? If so, the experts at Keeler can help! We've proudly led the field in tonometry since the introduction of the Pulsair in 1987. Since then, we have

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A Guide to the Most Important Ophthalmic Ultrasound Equipment

Ophthalmic ultrasound equipment plays a critical role in your ability to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions involving the eye. At Keeler, we offer a full range of the most cutting-edge ophthalmic

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4 Factors to Consider in Comparing the Halogen vs LED Ophthalmoscope

If you’re looking to purchase a new ophthalmoscope, you’ll most likely have to choose between a halogen vs LED ophthalmoscope. At Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments, we offer an entire line of ophthalmic

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Shining the Light on the Different Types of Ophthalmoscope Bulbs

Although not typically considered, ophthalmoscope bulbs play a vital role in your ability to properly diagnose eye conditions. Different types of ophthalmoscope bulbs provide different types and colors

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