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Vantage Plus

Comparing the Best Binocular Indirects: All Pupil II vs Vantage Plus Binocular Indirects

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If you're looking for the best binocular indirects, we're fairly certain All Pupil II and Vantage Plus binocular indirects have made your short list. Both of these world-class devices are manufactured with Keeler's 100 years of innovation.

Although both systems are infused with cutting-edge technology to elevate your practice to the next level, let's take a closer side-by-side analysis of different binocular indirects. Continue reading to learn more.  

All Pupil II Binocular Indirects

Based on the best-selling designs of the top unit All Pupil indirect, All Pupil II binocular indirects offer more cutting-edge features and world-class innovations to make your examinations easier.

The advancements featured in the All Pupil II provide an enhanced level of comfort for patients. The two All Pupil II binocular indirect models include:

  • All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless with Convertible Technology
  • All Pupil II Bulb Wired
Best Binocular Indirects

All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless with  Convertible Technology

Featuring LED illumination and a slimline polymer battery, the new All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless now has convertible technology. This innovation allows you to choose between 3,800K Xenon traditional bulb or a neutral 4,000 LED module in one product. A few key features of the All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless include:

  • The lightweight wireless design only weighs a mere 520 grams.
  • For enhanced comfortability during examinations, it features additional padded materials in the headband.
  • With total control in your hands, it boasts up to 2,000 lux of light for outstanding brightness. You can also turn the illumination to as low as 2%.
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    This wireless device allows you to freely move about the room and into another room without constraints.
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    It features the smallest and lightest wireless battery for optimum control. All units include two batteries and charging systems.
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    The Pupil II boasts a single, easy-to-use control that allows you to quickly change position and aperture size in a single movement.
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    For ultimate patient safety and protection, the Pupil II includes a full-time UV and IR barrier.
Best Binocular Indirects

The new Slimline Wireless Charger can function as a wall-mountable charger or desktop charger. The accessory offers the ability to store an extra battery in the top compartment. It also features an easy release button to quickly remove the additional battery.

All Pupil II Bulb Wired

The All Pupil II Bulb Wired binocular indirect is identical to the All Pupil II LED Slimline Wireless — except it has wires. You can also turn it into a converbile device by ordering the All Pupil II LED module.

Best Binocular Indirects

Vantage Binocular Indirects

In addition to the All Pupil II binocular indirects, you can opt for the cutting-edge:

Best Binocular Indirects
  • Vantage Plus Convertible Slimline Wireless,
  • Vantage Plus Convertible Wired
  • Vantage Plus Slimline Digital Binocular Indirect

Vantage Plus Convertible Slimline Wireless

The Vantage Plus Convertible Slimline Wireless allows you to choose between a traditional 3,800K bulb or the neutral 4,000K LED bulb that boasts better contrast, longer life, and whiter light. It includes the wireless unit, slimline battery with Charger and two batteries, as well as the HiMag Lens and dimmer control. A few of the most defining features and attributes of the Vantage Plus Convertible Slimline Wireless binocular indirect includes:

  • Patented Innovative Intelligent Optical System (IOS) that automatically adjusts the mirrors and optics whenever you change the aperture. This offers an exclusive, one-step movement for adjustments to make your exams faster and easier.
  • Hi-Mag Patented Lens which offers 60% magnified views when introduced.
  • By using advanced textured engineering materials, the Vantage Plus Slimline Wireless is 20% smaller and 15% lighter without any compromises to the quality, reliability, or robustness.
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    The new IOS Optic System provides new high contrast optics for glare-free, brilliantly-crisp, and superior retina views every time.
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    Unique Go Wireless technology allows you to move around the room or from room to room without worrying with cords or wire constraints.
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    A cutting-edge soft cushioned headband delivers optimum comfort and works to provide perfect balance for all head sizes and shapes.
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    With an enhanced battery, you can remain confident you'll have power. Most importantly, you can focus on more important aspects of the examination.

Vantage Plus Convertible Wired

The Vantage Plus Convertible Wired binocular indirect offers you all of the benefits of Vantage Plus Slimline Wireless. However, the Vantage Plus Convertible Wired binocular indirect device does have wires, while the Slimline Wireless doesn't. The Vantage Plus Convertible Wired binocular indirect device includes a HiMag Lens and dimmer control.

Vantage Plus Slimline Digital Binocular Indirect

The Vantage Plus Slimline Digital binocular indirect is the first true digital binocular indirect system. By utilizing the latest digital imaging technology, you can ditch analog and infuse digital imaging in your operating room, office, or anywhere else you want it. The powerful and intuitive Keeler Kapture Lift Video Software empowers you to optimize your examination with your laptop or any USB interface.

You can infuse dynamic images or still images to take your diagnosis and documentation procedures to the next level. The Vantage Plus Slimline Digital binocular indirect system allows you to elevate the profile of your practice through cutting-edge digital imaging.

Contact Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments for the Best Binocular Indirects

At Keeler, we're proud to offer the best binocular indirect systems. Most importantly, we have the expertise to listen to your needs and guide you to the ideal binocular indirect system for your practice.

Contact Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments today to learn more about our binocular indirect systems.

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