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Category Archives for Cryotherapy

The Chilling Effectiveness of Ocular Cryotherapy

The use of cold temperatures to treat conditions affecting the eyes or eyelids is known as ocular cryotherapy. Cryotherapy has been utilized in the ophthalmology field since the mid-1960s,

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Product Guide for Keeler Cryomatic Systems

Since 1966, Keeler has been providing ophthalmic surgeons with reliable, high-performance Cryomatic systems. Over the years, we’ve worked to stay ahead of the curve to anticipate the needs of surgeons.Our

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The Chilling Truth About Cryotherapy in Ophthalmology

Cryotherapy in ophthalmology or ocular cryotherapy explains the application of extremely frigid temperatures to remedy a variety of conditions or disorders concerning the eyes or eyelids. This innovative

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