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Category Archives for Eye Health

A Guide to Diagnosing Digital Eye Strain

Did you know digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome affects a sobering 65% of American adults according to a 2015 Survey conducted by the Vision Council. Digital eye strain is the momentary discomfort

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Crystalizing the Connection Between Concussions and Eye Problems

Did you know there was a strong connection between concussions and eye problems? In fact, research finds your patients may be 69 to 82 percent more likely to develop vision issues after getting a concussion.

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An Eye Test for Alzheimer’s Disease? How the Retina May be a Window into the Brain

Watching an individual or loved one struggle with Alzheimer's can be heartbreaking. The gradual loss of memories, the failure to think clearly, and the eventual inability to remember

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“See” How to Avoid Preventable Eye Diseases

Good vision is priceless, but certain preventable eye diseases can hamper your ability to experience the world in high definition. Preventable eye diseases like dry eyes, allergic conjunctivitis, glaucoma,

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