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Category Archives for Ophthalmic Industry

How to Disinfect Ophthalmic Devices: A Complete Guide

As we all look to return to some level of normalcy, it's critical you understand the proper procedures to disinfect ophthalmic devices; it's vital you do so on a regular basis. To help ensure you're using

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5 Commonly-Performed Types of Ophthalmic Surgery

There are several types of ophthalmic surgery that can be used to correct eye issues. To simplify procedures, we've categorized different types of ophthalmic surgeries into five groups. Continue reading

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Ophthalmology Patient Education…Is There an App for That

Today, there are mobile apps for virtually any and everything! For instance, there are mobile apps for you to find people to cuddle with (Cuddlr) and even mobile apps to make your day worse (Demotivational

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Why & How Eye Care Professionals Should Embrace Telemedicine

Telemedicine can be a scary concept for a clinician. In a world where we see eye exams offered online, patients getting access to medical devices with expired prescriptions, and the

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How to Change an Ophthalmoscope Bulb

An otoscope, ophthalmoscope, or retinoscope can be found in virtually every medical or eye care professional’s office. While the otoscope is used to examine the inner part of a patient’s ear, the ophthalmoscope

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