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Category Archives for Ophthalmic Instruments

Keeler Is Now Manufacturing Protective Face Shields

Over the past few months, everything has changed. As every industry struggled to accommodate to the new normal, one blaring truth rang through it all: America wasn't prepared for COVID-19 or any other

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Considering New Ophthalmic Diagnostic Equipment? Read This First!

Finding the latest and greatest ophthalmic diagnostic equipment for your practice can be a blessing and a curse! While cutting-edge diagnostic instruments can help you deliver remarkable patient care,

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How to Choose an Ophthalmoscope? Here’s What You Should Look for!

Whether you're working on your undergraduate degree, a first-year optometry student, second-year optometry student, ophthalmology resident, or an experienced practitioner, it's vital you know how to choose

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High-Quality, High-Value Vision Testing Equipment

Most eye doctors would agree that eye patients only come in every once in a great while. Because of this, it’s of the utmost importance to provide them with the best experience by utilizing the most

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Comparing the Best Binocular Indirects: All Pupil II vs Vantage Plus Binocular Indirects

If you're looking for the best binocular indirects, we're fairly certain All Pupil II and Vantage Plus binocular indirects have made your short list. Both of these world-class devices are manufactured

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How to Change an Ophthalmoscope Bulb

An otoscope, ophthalmoscope, or retinoscope can be found in virtually every medical or eye care professional’s office. While the otoscope is used to examine the inner part of a patient’s ear, the ophthalmoscope

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