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Category Archives for Optometry

A Guide to Refractive Errors

Whether it's nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness, they all cause vision problems making it more difficult to see clearly. These are known as refractive errors and are caused when the shape

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Seeing Dry Eye Differently with the HD Analyzer OQAS Tear Film Module

Dry eye is a medical condition where the individual fails to have enough quality tears to nourish and lubricate the eye. Tears are critical to the health of the eye and necessary for clear vision. As the

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Optometry Patient Education: A Clear Win-Win Scenario

Optometry patient education is a vital, but often overlooked component of eye care. It allows your patients to be more educated about their eye disorder, condition, and treatment plan options. Fortunately,

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Keys to Optimizing Optometry Patient Education and Satisfaction

As an eye practitioner, it’s critical you effectively communicate and do everything possible to enhance optometry patient education. Connecting with your patient and making sure they have the information

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A Closer Examination of Corneal Thickness and IOP

Are you fully aware of the connection between corneal thickness and IOP? When your patients have higher than normal IOP or intraocular pressure, this heightened measurement of fluid pressure places them

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Wait! Don’t Make These Mistakes When Starting an Optometry Practice

Deciding to start an optometry practice is a monumental decision with long-lasting implications. While exciting, starting your own optometry practice can be daunting, particularly because most young optometrists

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Crystalizing the Connection Between Concussions and Eye Problems

Did you know there was a strong connection between concussions and eye problems? In fact, research finds your patients may be 69 to 82 percent more likely to develop vision issues after getting a concussion.

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Why & How Eye Care Professionals Should Embrace Telemedicine

Telemedicine can be a scary concept for a clinician. In a world where we see eye exams offered online, patients getting access to medical devices with expired prescriptions, and the

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Comparing the Best Binocular Indirects: All Pupil II vs Vantage Plus Binocular Indirects

If you're looking for the best binocular indirects, we're fairly certain All Pupil II and Vantage Plus binocular indirects have made your short list. Both of these world-class devices are manufactured

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Taking a Closer Look at the Most Common Optometry Exam Room Equipment

It’s not a secret optometry exam room equipment and the entire field has evolved over the years. What originated as a profession centered on dispensing eyeglasses and vision care has morphed into a more

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