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Smaller Handheld Pachymeters Boast Big Practice Efficiency Benefits

When it comes to increasing value and efficiencies in your practice, smaller handheld pachymeters boast big benefits. Driven by portability and convenience, the PachPen handheld pachymeter is proving to

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Quick Guide to Pachymeter Disinfection, Cleaning, and Sterilization Best Practices

As an eye care professional, you have a tremendous level of commitment to keeping your patients, yourself, and staff safe from infectious diseases by utilizing the best practices for  pachymeter disinfection

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Different Types of Pachymetry Methods and Devices

While there are an array of different types of pachymetry and devices, the corneal pachymeter is a device used to measure the thickness of the cornea prior to performing a complex procedure. Corneal pachymetry

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