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How to Disinfect Ophthalmic Devices: A Complete Guide

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As we all look to return to some level of normalcy, it's critical you understand the proper procedures to disinfect ophthalmic devices; it's vital you do so on a regular basis. To help ensure you're using the proper disinfecting procedures, we’ve created a quick “How-To Guide”. Continue reading to learn more.

Disinfecting with Optometric Equipment

As an eye care professional, you have an obligation to protect your patients and staff from disease and infection while in your office. COVID-19 has created a spotlight on this responsibility. Because of this, it's more important than ever to take the necessary steps to disinfect your equipment properly. One way to ensure your equipment is safe is to use a water/isopropyl alcohol solution (70% IPA by volume). Then, follow the steps below to disinfect your equipment:

  1. Disconnect your equipment from their power sources.

  2. Carefully wipe the external surfaces down with a non-shedding, clean, absorbent cloth that has been dampened, but not soaked, with your 70% IPA/water solution mentioned above.  

  3. It’s essential to prevent excess solution from making its way into the instruments. Be sure to wipe the surface carefully! 

  4. After you've wiped down the surfaces, dry them with a non-shedding, clean cloth. 

  5. In the process, make sure you avoid contact with puff lens tubes and lens optical surfaces. 

Safely Disinfect Keeler Devices

You can use this cleaning process to safely disinfect the following Keeler devices:

  • Pulsair Desktop
  • Pulsair intelliPuff
  • HD Analyzer
  • Slit lamps
  • PSL
  • Diagnostic Handhelds
  • Loupes
  • PachPen
  • TonoCare
  • Vantage Plus BIO
  • All Pupil II BIO
  • Spectra Iris BIO
  • Cryomatic MKII Console
  • KAT/DKAT/ZKAT Applanation Tonometers
  • 4Sight
  • A/B-Scan handles

Can I Use Antimicrobial Wipes to Disinfect Keeler Devices?

Yes, antimicrobial wipes are approved for wiping down frames and equipment — as long as they don't damage the equipment. However, not all microbial wipes are created equally. It's imperative they contain one of the key active ingredients — such as 70% ethyl alcohol — in sufficient quantities. 

Should I Wear PPE When Disinfecting Ophthalmic Devices?

Yes, when you disinfect ophthalmic equipment, you should wear personal protective equipment. This means you should clean with gloves, a suitable face mask, eye protection, and an apron. Goggles and face masks are essential items that you can leave on as long as they are not contaminated. However, you should change aprons and gloves between patients. 

Tips to Stay Safe

In addition to the previously discussed information, healthcare organizations can use the following tips and best practices to limit the risk of infections associated with ophthalmology equipment:

  • Make sure you and your staff are familiar with the cleaning and disinfection procedures for the equipment in your practice.
  • All items that make contact with the surfaces of the eye should be your top-priority for disinfection. Equipment that is used for eye surgery or contact non-intact surfaces of the eye should be sterilized.
  • Ensure the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing equipment are available and followed.
  • Consider designating at least one person in your office who will make themselves knowledgeable on the different cleaning and disinfecting procedures for products. Anytime the instructions are not clear, technical services for the equipment should be contacted.

Contact Keeler For More Information

For over 100 years, we have been manufacturing high quality, innovative equipment. Today, we are in unprecedented times. As we all navigate our way forward, we are here to offer support and guidance on anything you need. We now carry various personal protective equipment items to help ensure you, your staff and patients are safe. Please contact us with any questions you may have and our customer service representatives and sales representatives will be happy to assist you.

About the Author Eugene VanArsdale

Eugene is the Director of Marketing Communications at Keeler Instruments. He has been with Keeler since 1982 and is co-holder of two patents for the company. Eugene has a true passion for the eye care industry and has dedicated himself to understanding the ins and outs of the optometric and ophthalmic equipment market.