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Keeler Face Shield

Keeler Is Now Manufacturing Protective Face Shields

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Over the past few months, everything has changed. As every industry struggled to accommodate to the new normal, one blaring truth rang through it all: America wasn't prepared for COVID-19 or any other pandemic. In an effort to help remedy the national shortages of personal protective equipment, we have implemented high-quality solutions to help health care providers stay safe. 

Each of our products is created with the same quality and durability you've come to expect from Keeler over the last century. Let's take a closer look at our two new products. 

Protective Face Shield

In an effort to conserve limited N95 face masks, we now offer clear, protective face shields. According to research presented in the National Library of Medicine, face shields are proven to reduce inhalation exposure by 96% and surface contamination of respirators by 97% in the span of time immediately after a cough. As low cost, durable, personal protective equipment, face shields are engineered to stand up to daily use.

All face shields are manufactured from polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG), which is a thermoplastic that offers excellent durability and resistance. The face shield creates a durable and solid protective layer that can be easily disinfected and repeatedly used. 

Each face shield comes equipped with a forehead mount designed to provide all-day comfort. Created as a one-size-fits-all solution, you can easily adjust the face mount with an elastic band. A few key benefits of our protective face shields include:

  • No visual obstructions. The face shields are optically clear with a wrap-around, protective barrier that is distortion-free, which prevents visual obstructions.
  • Compliant. Face shields are fully compliant with OSHA regulations.
  • Engineered for extended use. While face masks can cause lesions when worn for extended periods of time, face shields place no pressure on the wearer's temples.
  • Protection from splatter. Face shields offer instant protection from saliva and other types of harmful liquids.
  • Easy to clean. Because the shields are made from PETG, they are easy to clean with household cleaning products.

Keeler Binocular Indirect Face Shield

We are helping doctors and healthcare professionals stay safe with our specialized BIO face shield. These defect-free and scratch-free shields are instrumental in protecting physicians. Each BIO face shield is manufactured from transparent, extra-reliable polyethylene terephthalate. Designed to fit the Keeler All Pupil II and the Vantage Plus binocular indirects, the face shield is securely held in place by snaps on the headband foam liner.

Three Steps to Install the Face Shield on Keeler Binocular Indirect Units

Installing the BIO face shield on our BIO units is easy and can be completed in a matter of moments. 

  1. Start by unsnapping the front of the foam headband liner.
  2. After exposing the snaps, align the headband snap holes with the holes at the top of the face shield.
  3. Once you've aligned the holes, snap your headband foam liner into the original closed position. 

At Keeler, we're proud to offer custom solutions to the optometric and broader healthcare community. Contact us today for more information on face shields and BIO face shields.

About the Author Eugene VanArsdale

Eugene is the Director of Marketing Communications at Keeler Instruments. He has been with Keeler since 1982 and is co-holder of two patents for the company. Eugene has a true passion for the eye care industry and has dedicated himself to understanding the ins and outs of the optometric and ophthalmic equipment market.