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Be Safe & Clear with Tonoclear Disposable Applanation Tonometer Prisms

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If you are currently using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to disinfect your Goldmann applanation tonometers, now is the perfect time to clearly see the benefits of the Keeler Tonoclear disposable applanation tonometer prisms. According to the 2017 Academy Ophthalmic Technology Assessment (OTA), the three most commonly utilized disinfectants are:

  • Bleach or sodium hypochlorite
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Alcohols

Of the three, only bleach was found to be an effective disinfection technique against herpes simplex virus (HSV) and adenovirus — the viruses most frequently associated with nosocomial outbreaks in the clinical setting. Unfortunately, many physicians are not currently using bleach on their prisms. 

Why? Because there is a common perception that alcohol wipes are easier and are sufficient. Fortunately, Tonoclear disposable applanation tonometer prisms offer a safe and effective way to increase safety within your practice. Let's take a closer look at why practitioners should consider using the Tonoclear disposable applanation tonometer prism.

Understanding the Challenges of Disinfecting Reusable Tonometer Tips

Due to the fact that the tonometer prism makes contact with the corneal surface, it's necessary to adequately disinfect reusable prisms. Unfortunately, this isn't being properly done. In fact, tonometer tips have been deemed responsible for clusters of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis.  

According to the previously mentioned OTA study, the best method of disinfection of tonometer prisms is soaking them in a 10% solution of bleach for five minutes. This diluted bleach solution is proven to inactivate the most commonly involved viruses. The duration of the soak is critical:

  • If you soak less than five minutes, you may not effectively inactivate all of the hazardous microbes.
  • If you soak longer than five minutes, you increase the likelihood of damaging the tip.

The OTA panel also determined all disinfectants can lead to tonometer prism damage and can even cause injury to patients. Over several cycles of disinfection, the solution can cause the glue to dissolve that holds the tip together, which can lead to cracks forming along the rim. These cracks can then cause irritation to the cornea, may house hazardous organisms, and may even retain disinfectant that can leak during subsequent applications. Instead of having to worry about disinfection best practices and techniques, a safer alternative is to use disposable applanation prisms. 

Reusable vs. Disposable Applanation Tonometer Prisms: The Cost

While disposable applanation tonometer prisms have obvious safety benefits, one of the biggest concerns practitioners have is over the cost. The research that examines the cost-benefit analysis of disposable prisms vs. reusable prisms does suggest reusable prisms offer cost efficiencies. 

However, the referenced research doesn't account for the added costs and time associated with disinfecting the tonometers. At the same time, is there really a price your practice can afford to place on patient safety, especially during these times of COVID-19? 

When you weigh the benefits of disposable applanation tonometer prisms with the costs, it becomes evidently clear why a growing number of practices are transitioning to disposable prisms. At Keeler, we are proud to offer the Tonoclear disposable applanation prisms, designed with many benefits. 

Tonoclear Disposable Applanation Prisms

The single-use, Goldmann-style Tonoclear disposable applanation prism offers you a clear view of the miers during routine examinations. The Tonoclear disposable applanation prism comes packed individually, which helps prevent cross-contamination. 

Tonoclear disposable applanation prisms are compatible with all Keeler applanation tonometers as well as non-Keeler brands. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of Tonoclear. 

Versatility & Dynamic Compatibility

Instead of needing a different prism for different types of tonometers, Tonoclear works with all Goldmann-style applanation tonometers. 

Remarkable Image Quality 

Visualization of the miers on other disposable tonometer prisms can often impose on the user's ability, which can make it very tricky if not challenging. With most single-use prisms, the user must vary the slit lamp beam intensity to limit internal reflections, which may saturate the miers. 

However, the Tonoclear overcomes this problem by being less affected by the intensity of light and internal reflections. This enables you to have a crystal clear image of the miers (as seen above), which can help improve the speed of measurement and accuracy. 

Tonoclear Disposable Prisms Are Safer

Because Tonoclear prisms are single-use, they immediately reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination. To further reduce this exposure, each prism comes Ethylene Oxide sterilized and can be easily disposed of after use. 

Hassle-Free Packaging

Each Tonoclear disposable applanation prism comes individually sterilized and packaged. Without the need for assembly, using the Tonoclear is quick and easy. 

Accuracy & Ease of Use Comes Standard

Tonoclear was designed based on Keeler's world-renowned commitment to excellence, quality, and reliability. These prisms have been calibrated to Goldmann standards and will consistently provide reliable results across a range of IOPs. Easy to use and quick, it only takes a few seconds to position the prism and enjoy outstanding optical clarity.

Contact Keeler for Tonoclear Disposable Tonometer Applanation Prisms

For over 100 years, Keeler has led the way with innovation! In 1986, we revolutionized the industry with our Pulsair Tonometer, and we continue to introduce difference-making solutions to change the way you see your patient's eye health. 

Contact us today to learn more about our tonometer solutions. 

About the Author Eugene VanArsdale

Eugene is the Director of Marketing Communications at Keeler Instruments. He has been with Keeler since 1982 and is co-holder of two patents for the company. Eugene has a true passion for the eye care industry and has dedicated himself to understanding the ins and outs of the optometric and ophthalmic equipment market.