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Vision Testing Equipment

High-Quality, High-Value Vision Testing Equipment

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Most eye doctors would agree that eye patients only come in every once in a great while. Because of this, it’s of the utmost importance to provide them with the best experience by utilizing the most high-quality, high-value sight testing equipment to assess their vision as accurately as possible.

You won’t retain many repeat patients or referrals if you get someone’s prescription wrong, which could result in the patient experiencing unclear vision after their visit. But, as they say, you’re only as good as the tools you work with, so the sight testing equipment in your clinic is key.

To be the absolute best in your field, you need the right tools. And with the best sight testing and optometry equipment from Keeler, you can ensure your prescriptions and prognosis are spot on. Simply put, Keeler produces the equipment you need! Let’s take a closer look at some of the most essential vision testing equipment and why quality matters.  

Amsler Chart Manual

Our Amsler Chart Manual is the widely-approved standard in the field. First invented in the early half of the 20th century, these grid charts are among the most recognized and most influential eye exams worldwide. This high-quality printing and manual includes charts for an exam, as well as instruction on the interpretation of exam results.

These easy-to-use charts help with early detection of changes in the macula and fovea ocular regions. A patient needs only six responses during the exam to provide information that’ll lead you to a complete diagnosis of key vision disturbances, which may include:

  • Scotoma,
  • Metamorphopsia,
  • Maculopathy, and
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    Many others.

The expediency and ease of use will be appreciated by examiners and patients alike.

Retinoscopy Rack

Keeler’s retinoscopy rack is a very handy tool to use with impatient patients, especially small, energetic children. The rack carries a wide range of 13 mm-diameter corrective lenses for quick testing – 24 in total, spanning -6D to +6D in 0.5D increments. Mounted in an aluminum rack, it is both lightweight and sturdy, and will last you a long, long time.

The retinoscopic assessment is not an easy assessment to make to begin with, and if you’ve got patients who may make things more difficult, this rack will speed up your process and still give a quite accurate measurement.

Maddox Wing Test

Keeler’s Maddox Wing is a great piece of vision testing equipment for measuring heterophorias and heterotopias. It’s a go-to for many ophthalmologists, especially when patients describe double vision with no obvious cause for it. It also has numerous other uses.

  • This hand-held device provides quick and efficient measurements for a variety of eye conditions
  • Its red vertical scale measures heterophoria.
  • The white horizontal scale measures esophoria and exophoria.
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    You can also measure cyclophoria by moving the red arrow pointer to be parallel with the white scale.

The Maddox Wing testing tool causes no discomfort, takes little time to learn and use, and produces useful measurements for eye patients of all ages, including children.

Halberg Trial Clips

Nearly every refraction stand out there carries Halberg trial clips, which act as trial frames for patients who already have glasses but need a new lens prescription. They fit over the patients’ current glasses so they may look through test lenses before leaving.

If you already know the patient’s distance is correct, these clips enable you to check the presbyopic addition. You can also check prism with Halberg trial clips in an array of conditions —in any position, with any power, and with any plus or minus lenses during the retinoscopic testing.

Each Keeler Halberg trial clip has space for three additional lenses. Our clips are also made with a protective rubber coating, preventing scratching on the patient’s lenses during the exam. Highly useful and sold at a great value, our Halberg trial clips come in sets of two with a handy, durable case to safely house them.

Why Invest in the Best Sight Testing Equipment?

Getting the highest quality sight testing equipment should be a no-brainer for any eye specialist. Good equipment can not only improve the accuracy of your prescriptions, it can help make the whole process more comfortable and expedient for your patients. This is particularly helpful with young children. And when you partner with Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments, you’ll gain access to more than 100 years of excellence.

Contact Keeler for the Best Sight Testing Equipment

If you’re looking for the best sight testing equipment for your practice, look no further than Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments. For more than 100 years, we have equipped eye care professionals with a range of cutting-edge ophthalmic instruments, including:

Contact Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments today to learn more about any of our equipment.

About the Author Eugene VanArsdale

Eugene is the Director of Marketing Communications at Keeler Instruments. He has been with Keeler since 1982 and is co-holder of two patents for the company. Eugene has a true passion for the eye care industry and has dedicated himself to understanding the ins and outs of the optometric and ophthalmic equipment market.